May 22, 2014

New Seasonal - River Toms, English IPA

River Toms, English IPA

Spring/Summer Seasonal 2014

6.8% ABV • 55 IBU

We are excited for the release of our second seasonal brew, River Toms.  Since the day we opened (four months ago, tomorrow) the question was asked, "When are you going to make an IPA?"  "Ummm not for a while," was our initial response, an IPA didn't fit our UK and Irish-style portfolio.  The inquiries became more frequent and our fan's disappointment was extremely apparent.

The origin of India Pale Ales can be traced back to the British Navy and tradesmen of the 1700's.  The style was created out of necessity, not preference, and has an incredible history. Learn more with these two articles from BeerAdvocate and MoreBeer.

"River Toms" is a play on the River Thames (pronounced temz), which begins at the English Channel and flows directly through London; much like the Toms River begins at the Barnegat Bay and flows through Toms River Twp.

Unlike most American IPAs, this English-style IPA is a complex, full bodied amber ale with a rich malt backbone. It is brewed only with English hops (East Kent Golding, Challenger, and Sovereign), then dry-hopped with both East Kent Golding and Fuggles for their distinctive floral, citrus, and spicy aromas.

Weighing in at 55 IBU and 6.8% ABV, River Toms is by far Rinn Duin’s hoppiest ale and first brewed north of session-style (5% ABV or less).