February 27, 2014

Unnamed Chocolate Rye Porter

On Wednesday, February 26 we brewed the first pilot batch of Unnamed Chocolate Rye Porter.  Porters are an English style similar to Stouts, but use dark malts instead of Roasted Malt for color and flavor.  Much like a classic Porter, we used dark Chocolate Malt to craft the flavors you'd expect with one unique difference; the addition of Rye Malts as well as Barley.  The Chocolate Rye is kilned much like it's Chocolate Barley counterpart, which creates familiar notes of toffee, caramel, and roasted; in addition to Rye's characteristic spice.

Rye (left) and Chocolate Rye (right)

Unnamed Chocolate Rye Porter was hopped with both Fuggles and Sovereign, which will provide a soft, fresh, and fruity aroma; accentuated through the English Yeast.  This beer should be ready for tasting toward the end of March.

Have a great idea for its name?  Let us know!