November 22, 2013

Bottle Label Design is Complete

April 2013 was a chaotic month; mourning the loss of Blackthorn as our name, we scrambled to find a worthy replacement, which meant back to square one for our logo design, bottle labels and 6-pack holders.  Fortunately we had already chosen a company to print our labels.

We were drawn to DWS Printing because they are a fourth generation, family owned business with a strong commitment to social responsibility.  On April 17, I hiked up to Long Island (Deer Park to be exact) to visit their facility.  After meeting with Kathy and Andy Staib (siblings; Sr. Dir. of Sales and VP respectively), consulting with Ben Owens (Creative Director) about our label design and touring the facility, I knew DWS and Rinn Duin were a perfect match.

We are thrilled to share our labels, designed by Ben Owens.  Thank you Ben!!

Note: Lawnmower English Blonde will not be bottled.

Common neck for a three varieties
St John's Irish Red
Sandpiper English Brown

Trinity Smoked Scottish 70