July 30, 2013

So This is What 450 Kegs Look Like

We were told (yesterday) the delivery truck would arrive at 9:00 am.  Great, we'll have all hands on deck first thing in the morning.  9:00 came and went, no delivery truck.  Noon came and went, you guessed it.  A rep from the trucking company called at 12:21 to ask if the driver made it yet.  "No" I replied, "he was supposed to be here at 9 am."  The rep apologized and said the driver was 20-30 minutes away, he was stuck in traffic.

Lets fast forward to 3:00, the driver finally shows up.  Now the fun begins.  We open the container and realize that the kegs were loaded UPSIDE DOWN.  Are you kidding?!  Not only do we have to unload each keg by hand, but they all have to be flipped over.

Jason beings the task of removing & flipping each keg

Once unloaded, we put the kegs on pallets for easier transportation; 20 sixtels per pallet and 9 half barrels per pallet.  Almost 3 hours and many scrapes and bruises later, the kegs were safely inside the brewery.  Now, we just need to make beer!

Rinn Duin Brewing, you'll always know its us

So this is what 450 kegs look like, imagine them filled with beer!