July 30, 2013

So This is What 450 Kegs Look Like

We were told (yesterday) the delivery truck would arrive at 9:00 am.  Great, we'll have all hands on deck first thing in the morning.  9:00 came and went, no delivery truck.  Noon came and went, you guessed it.  A rep from the trucking company called at 12:21 to ask if the driver made it yet.  "No" I replied, "he was supposed to be here at 9 am."  The rep apologized and said the driver was 20-30 minutes away, he was stuck in traffic.

Lets fast forward to 3:00, the driver finally shows up.  Now the fun begins.  We open the container and realize that the kegs were loaded UPSIDE DOWN.  Are you kidding?!  Not only do we have to unload each keg by hand, but they all have to be flipped over.

Jason beings the task of removing & flipping each keg

Once unloaded, we put the kegs on pallets for easier transportation; 20 sixtels per pallet and 9 half barrels per pallet.  Almost 3 hours and many scrapes and bruises later, the kegs were safely inside the brewery.  Now, we just need to make beer!

Rinn Duin Brewing, you'll always know its us

So this is what 450 kegs look like, imagine them filled with beer!

July 19, 2013

The Platform is Up, Fermenters in a Row

With the platform welded together, and fermenters in place, the brewhouse is looking like...a real brewery!  Hopefully just a week's more work and we can begin testing all of the equipment.  *Fingers Crossed*

What a cozy lil' brewhouse we have

The four fermenters stand 17 ft tall and hold 50 barrels (1550 gallons) of beer each, or 6,200 gallons collectively!  The smaller unit on the left is the glycol tank, which holds very cold water.  The water circulates around the fermenters, to keep the beer at a controlled, consistent temperature.

The fermenters are positioned directly left of the brewhouse (above)

July 15, 2013

Great Beer Served with a Great Tap

Good things keep happening at the brewery, and the latest was the delivery of our tap handles.  Look for our Shillelagh around Ocean and Monmouth counties this summer for draft Rinn Duin beer!

Each variety of beer will have a unique label insert; Lawnmower, St. John's, Sandpiper and Trinity

July 10, 2013

Pint Glasses & Growlers

Take Rinn Duin home with our 64 oz growlers and matching pint glasses.  Both will be for sale in The Pub once we're open!  Pints will be available as singles, a pair or four-pack.  Prices TBD.

July 8, 2013

Our Federal License is Approved!

Coming back from a long, holiday weekend isn't so bad when your Federal brewing license approval is waiting for you!  We submitted our application in early March, the turnaround was about 4 months.

"Your application qualifying as a Brewery has been approved" !!

Now we're just waiting on the NJ ABC (alcohol beverage control).  When we're ready for Toms River to inspect for a C/O, the ABC will also pay us a visit.  Hopefully by the end of July we'll be set to go.

July 2, 2013

The Brewery is Vertical

Another WOW kind of day.  Beginning at 7:30 am, the team of riggers attached chain, straps and hooks to each tank.  With impressive skill, patience and a 90 degree turn, tank-by-tank the brewery stood in its proper position.

The mash tun was the first tank in place

Watching the fermenters' transformation was amazing, slowly and steadily each 50 bbl fermenter seemed to float into place.

By 4:30, every tank and piece of equipment was in place.  Stainless steel never looked so beautiful.