June 21, 2013

Its Christmas Morning at Rinn Duin

After 6.5 months of waiting, the first of four deliveries arrived in Toms River at 9:30 this morning.  It's contents: the brite tank (where the beer carbonates), glycol tank, glycol condenser unit, clean-in-place tanks and a few mystery boxes.

The first truck arriving at the loading dock

The second truck was scheduled to arrive at 12:30 pm.  Fast forward to 5:30...the second truck pulled in.  Thanks to our contractors who stuck around to help, we couldn't have done it without you!  We weren't able to unload the entire container, but got the kettle (aka rice cooker) safely inside before dark.  There's two fermenters waiting patiently for Monday.

The first piece of the brewhouse is unloaded, hey there kettle!