June 24, 2013

Equipment Delivery, Day 2

Bright and early at 7:30 am, we continued to unload the second container.  After removing the kettle last night, we were left with two shiny 50 bbl fermenters.  With 1.5 containers emptied and 3 of the largest tanks in place, the crew found a rhythm that made the rest of the day look easy.

The first two fermenters inside the container

The third container arrived at 9:30 with the mash tun and final two fermenters.  One of the widest tanks, the mash tun took a while to maneuver out of the truck, but looks beautiful sitting next to the kettle.

Slow and steady comes the mash tun

With three containers now empty, the majority of the brewing equipment is safe and sound inside the brewery.  All four fermenters are snuggled together, just waiting to be turned upright.  We were like proud parents admiring our new babies!

Like 4 peas in a pod, stainless steel never looked so good