March 5, 2013

Our First Pilot Brew

Now that Roger Roger is settled in, its time to brew!  We've been told that your first brew day is usually a long one, and that definitely true.  From initial cleaning & sanitizing to end-of-brewing clean up spanned 9.5 hours.  We encountered plenty of speed bumps, delays and kinks as Jason (our brewer) learned the system, but we expect (well...hope) our next brew session to speedier!

For our first pilot batch, it was only fitting to brew our homebrew fan favorite, Lawnmower.  If unfamiliar, Lawnmower is a light-bodied blonde ale that drinks easily for hot summer days.  Though light in color and body, Lawnmower is surprising flavorful with a mild hop finish.

It'll be ready in 2 weeks, I'll report back with the results.  Slainte! 

Jason checking the connects
Adding sanitizer to the kettle
Yum, nice mas (this is the grains soaking
in hot water to extract the sugars)
Adding the wort (unfermented beer)
to the kettle for boiling