February 26, 2013

Delivery of our Tippy BrewSculpture

Our Tippy BrewSculpture just got delivered, woo hoo!  Please join us in welcoming our pilot [brewing system] Roger Roger.

Check out the video for reference:


Jason & Chip unwrapping Roger Roger

Our personalized control panel

First test batches next week, cheers!

February 25, 2013

Construction Updates

Aerial view of the brewery

Floor drains were filled with cement
Exhaust fan installed

Over the last few days, lots has happened at Blackthorn.  The floor drains arrived and cement was poured, the giant exhaust fan was installed and construction on The Pub began. I got a ride on the pneumatic lift took an aerial picture of the brewery.


The Pub started to get framed

February 18, 2013

Blackthorn's first day at the office

Over the weekend, our brewer Jason made the big move from NYC to Ocean County, NJ! We welcomed him to Jersey with his very own Wawa travel mug, an essential item for survival.  Jason is reluctant to try our bagels and upset that he can't make left turns, but we have hope he'll acclimate ok...

Today is our first day working together, lots of great beer to come!

Chip, Jason & Jacqui

February 16, 2013

The floor drains are in...finally

After MONTHS of waiting for our floor drains to come in, they finally arrived from Chicago.  The men were busy Saturday morning drilling through the concrete and attaching re-bar

Ed & Eric working hard

Our good friends (and investors) from Rhode Island came to visit and check on Blackthorn's progress.  Thanks for coming by ladies!
Barb, Nona & Mom

February 15, 2013

Our Last Homebrew...

Today we brewed our last ever batch of homebrew, Rinn Duin Irish Red for St. Patrick's Day.  It was an emotional day, as a 17 year hobby came to an end and we reminisced about the good ol' times!

For a Friday in February, it almost hit 50 degrees

In the words of Semisonic, "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."  We'll miss brewing on the deck, but are very exciting to get Blackthorn off the ground.

February 6, 2013

Busy Day at the Brewery

Lots was going on at Blackthorn today.  When we got to the office, the closet had doors on it!  Besides the kitchenette, the office is pretty much complete.  We picked up a few things, desk chairs and a whiteboard and dropped them off.  Soon we can move all our stuff (printer, furniture, speakers, etc) out of my living room!

I got some 'action shots' of the guys working hard in the warehouse.  Hopefully I'll have more pictures of warehouse/brewery progress, I know seeing the office isn't very exciting.


Doors on the closet

Desk chairs and a whiteboard for Jacqui! 

Ed (the contractor) was testing the heating

Sprinkler guy up on the lift.