November 27, 2013

Inaugural Brewing Ingredients Just Arrived

The grains, hops and yeast for our inaugural brews just arrived!

Grains and such: Maris otter, carapils, melanoiden, crystal 120L, chocolate, peat, roasted barley, flaked barley, flaked oats, black patent and victory

Hops: East kent golding, target and sovereign

Yeast: Nottingham

2.5 kg of Nottinghame

We have a lot to be thankful for this year, timing was quite apropos.

November 22, 2013

Bottle Label Design is Complete

April 2013 was a chaotic month; mourning the loss of Blackthorn as our name, we scrambled to find a worthy replacement, which meant back to square one for our logo design, bottle labels and 6-pack holders.  Fortunately we had already chosen a company to print our labels.

We were drawn to DWS Printing because they are a fourth generation, family owned business with a strong commitment to social responsibility.  On April 17, I hiked up to Long Island (Deer Park to be exact) to visit their facility.  After meeting with Kathy and Andy Staib (siblings; Sr. Dir. of Sales and VP respectively), consulting with Ben Owens (Creative Director) about our label design and touring the facility, I knew DWS and Rinn Duin were a perfect match.

We are thrilled to share our labels, designed by Ben Owens.  Thank you Ben!!

Note: Lawnmower English Blonde will not be bottled.

Common neck for a three varieties
St John's Irish Red
Sandpiper English Brown

Trinity Smoked Scottish 70

November 20, 2013

First Ingredients to Arrive, East Kent Golding Hops

Over 100 lbs of East Kent Golding arrived today from across the pond.  This is the first of 3 hops we'll use for our inaugural brews, Sovereign and Target are still in transit.

The remaining hops and grains and scheduled to arrive next Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve.

EKG hops, sent from England


November 11, 2013

Rinn Duin is the 22nd Member of the Garden State Brewer's Guild

It seems a bit more real now, Rinn Duin is now listed as a member of the Garden State Craft Brewer's Guild.  It is an honor to join the small, yet diverse group of breweries and brewpubs that represent the great State of New Jersey.

Still relatively new to the craft beer industry, The Guild has only 24 members (12 breweries and 12 brewpubs).  Compared to states like New York, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Oregon and California that each have hundreds of breweries, New Jersey had many exciting years to look forward to.

Now we just need beer to serve!

October 25, 2013

Hoodie Pre-Sale is Live! Now - November 24

The much anticipated Rinn Duin Hoodie Pre-Sale is now LIVE! Visit our webpage for details and to order.

The pre-sale will last until November 24, then we'll place the bulk order. This is your one and only chance to order your own, just for you, very first, Rinn Duin pullover or full-zip hoodie!

Pullover Hoodie

Full-Zip Hoodie

T-shirts are also available for sale. Men's & Women's fit

October 21, 2013

Final Temporary C/O Inspection...Check!

We'll chalk it up to inexperience...again: The brewery/warehouse space wasn't included in our 9/24 temporary C/O inspection, so the ABC wouldn't grant our brewing license.

Today that error was corrected. The entire building is now approved and once we receive the certificate, the great State of NJ will issue our license to brew!

Approvals for Fire, Plumbing, Electrical & Building

October 15, 2013

The Brewery Will Not Open This Weekend - 10/19/13

Rinn Duin Brewing regretfully announces there will not be a grand opening this weekend, October 19

When we contacted various media channels back in August, there wasn't a doubt in our minds that an October opening would take place.  We apologize if you made plans to visit, a soft opening will be scheduled for a later date.

We constantly receive emails, Facebook/Twitter/Instagram comments like, "When are you going to open?" "When are you going to brew?"  Unfortunately, the only answer we can give is "soon."  Thank you for continuing to follow our progress, watch for updates as the brewery nears completion.

The ABC inspected for our brewery license in September, but we still need a C/O from the Twp of Toms River in order for the state to issue the license.  Our temporary C/O inspections are scheduled for Monday, October 21.

Various set backs in the brewery's construction have also caused significant delays.

Thank you for your support and patience, we can't wait to pour you pint at Ocean County NJ's own, Rinn Duin Brewing.


Chip, Jacqui & Jason

L-R: Jason Goldstein, Jacqui Town, Chip Town

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September 24, 2013

Rinn Duin Brewing & WOBM host fundraiser for the Children's Specialized Hospital

92.7 WOBM Shawn & Sue's Making Miracles
Radiothon Kick-off Event

Join Rinn Duin Brewing & WOBM for the official kick-off of Shawn and Sue's Making Miracles Radiothon benefiting Children's Specialized Hospital.  Meet some of the miracle families, WOBM morning show hosts Shawn & Sue and network with members of the Ocean County community at NJ's newest brewery!  Advanced tickets are $10 and gets you entrance to the event, a tour of the brewery ending in a 4 ounce tasting of four different brews and a token for an additional beer of your choosing.  Help us kick off the best WOBM radiothon yet!

To purchase tickets in advance, click here.  Tickets can also be purchased at the door for $15.

You can also RSVP to the event on Facebook.

Call Rinn Duin Brewing with any questions, 732-569-3261

September 20, 2013

Rinn Duin's Brewery Installation

Ever wonder what building a brewery would look like? 

We utilized a GoPro camera to record the brewery's transformation, taking a photo every 30 seconds over the course of six days.

Part 1. This video covers the first three days, June 21 - 25 when four, 40 ft tractor trailers delivered the brewery's contents.

Part 2. This video covers a 7 hour span on July 1, 2013. As interesting as a horizontal brewery seemed, vertical fermenting tanks are just more practical. Watch as the riggers move and flip the tanks.

August 21, 2013

Photos of the Brewery's Delivery & Installation

Its been many months in the making; a chronological album of the brewery equipment's delivery and installation.  The first of four tractor trailers arrived on Friday, June 21 and the last departed on Tuesday, June 25.  A rigging company came on July 1 to put all the tanks in place and turn them upright.

On July 8, two technicians arrived from the manufacturing company to assemble the pipes, pumps, valves and run electrical wires.  Now 7 weeks in and one tech down, we're just days from completion.

You can view the album on Google+

August 16, 2013

Coming Soon - Rinn Duin T-shirts

We've ordered and received all most of the things a brewery needs; growlers, pint glasses and tap handles.  Our latest order concludes the big-ticket items:

Shirts will be available in men's S - 3XL and women's fit S - XL.  When our new website is up, you'll be able to buy a shirt online, as well as at the brewery.

As it gets cooler, we'll gauge your interest in long sleeve t's and hoodies.


August 1, 2013

Rinn Duin's First Press Release

Rinn Duin Brewing to Open in Summer 2013

NJ's newest craft brewery features ales from the UK and Ireland

Toms River, NJ: In 2010, father/daughter Chip and Jacqui Town were traipsing through corporate America; and while brewing a batch of their summer ale, they continued constant talk of a dream: opening a microbrewery.  With 22 years of combined home brewing experience and backgrounds in business, it grew into an extremely feasible goal.  Fast forward to 2013.  Chip and Jacqui are the proud founders of Rinn Duin Brewing, only weeks from opening its doors.

Rinn Duin will open as one of New Jersey’s largest craft breweries by production capacity, equipped with a 25 barrel (775 gallon) brewhouse.  You will find their bottles and kegs in bars, restaurants and liquor stores beginning late this summer throughout Ocean and Monmouth Counties.

Rinn Duin Brewing is inspired by the Town family’s indubious heritage, originating from County Roscommon, Ireland.  Castle Rinn Duin was built by The English Royal Army in the early 1200’s.  It survived countless battles by the hands of the Irish, including a fire, before the British relinquished the castle in 1576.  Chip’s grandparents were the last family to live on the grounds of the castle, before donating the land to the Irish Heritage Council in the 1940’s.  Their family history, past and present, is found in midst of the designs and names of their beer, each having their own unique, and personal story.

Located on Route 37 West in Toms River (3.5 miles west of Parkway Exit 82A), Rinn Duin is putting their spin on traditional English, Irish and Scottish ales.  Nestled in the heart of Ocean County, they invite you to stop by for a tour and a pint, with the Town family.

1540 Rt 37 W
Toms River, NJ 08755

July 30, 2013

So This is What 450 Kegs Look Like

We were told (yesterday) the delivery truck would arrive at 9:00 am.  Great, we'll have all hands on deck first thing in the morning.  9:00 came and went, no delivery truck.  Noon came and went, you guessed it.  A rep from the trucking company called at 12:21 to ask if the driver made it yet.  "No" I replied, "he was supposed to be here at 9 am."  The rep apologized and said the driver was 20-30 minutes away, he was stuck in traffic.

Lets fast forward to 3:00, the driver finally shows up.  Now the fun begins.  We open the container and realize that the kegs were loaded UPSIDE DOWN.  Are you kidding?!  Not only do we have to unload each keg by hand, but they all have to be flipped over.

Jason beings the task of removing & flipping each keg

Once unloaded, we put the kegs on pallets for easier transportation; 20 sixtels per pallet and 9 half barrels per pallet.  Almost 3 hours and many scrapes and bruises later, the kegs were safely inside the brewery.  Now, we just need to make beer!

Rinn Duin Brewing, you'll always know its us

So this is what 450 kegs look like, imagine them filled with beer!

July 19, 2013

The Platform is Up, Fermenters in a Row

With the platform welded together, and fermenters in place, the brewhouse is looking like...a real brewery!  Hopefully just a week's more work and we can begin testing all of the equipment.  *Fingers Crossed*

What a cozy lil' brewhouse we have

The four fermenters stand 17 ft tall and hold 50 barrels (1550 gallons) of beer each, or 6,200 gallons collectively!  The smaller unit on the left is the glycol tank, which holds very cold water.  The water circulates around the fermenters, to keep the beer at a controlled, consistent temperature.

The fermenters are positioned directly left of the brewhouse (above)

July 15, 2013

Great Beer Served with a Great Tap

Good things keep happening at the brewery, and the latest was the delivery of our tap handles.  Look for our Shillelagh around Ocean and Monmouth counties this summer for draft Rinn Duin beer!

Each variety of beer will have a unique label insert; Lawnmower, St. John's, Sandpiper and Trinity

July 10, 2013

Pint Glasses & Growlers

Take Rinn Duin home with our 64 oz growlers and matching pint glasses.  Both will be for sale in The Pub once we're open!  Pints will be available as singles, a pair or four-pack.  Prices TBD.

July 8, 2013

Our Federal License is Approved!

Coming back from a long, holiday weekend isn't so bad when your Federal brewing license approval is waiting for you!  We submitted our application in early March, the turnaround was about 4 months.

"Your application qualifying as a Brewery has been approved" !!

Now we're just waiting on the NJ ABC (alcohol beverage control).  When we're ready for Toms River to inspect for a C/O, the ABC will also pay us a visit.  Hopefully by the end of July we'll be set to go.

July 2, 2013

The Brewery is Vertical

Another WOW kind of day.  Beginning at 7:30 am, the team of riggers attached chain, straps and hooks to each tank.  With impressive skill, patience and a 90 degree turn, tank-by-tank the brewery stood in its proper position.

The mash tun was the first tank in place

Watching the fermenters' transformation was amazing, slowly and steadily each 50 bbl fermenter seemed to float into place.

By 4:30, every tank and piece of equipment was in place.  Stainless steel never looked so beautiful.


June 27, 2013

Once an Empty Warehouse, Now a Brewery

Wow.  We never imaged how small 5,500 sq ft would feel like once it's filled with brewing equipment!  Over the last 4 days, we received four tractor trailers full of brewing equipment.  Because the tanks are so tall, they arrived laying on their side.  The trick now, is how do we brew horizontally?  Ha!

From empty warehouse to full brewery in 4 days

In fear of damaging the tanks and taking weeks to complete on our own, we hired a rigging company to turn everything upright.  On Monday we should have a standing brewery.


June 25, 2013

Equipment Delivery, Day 3

Day 3 started on an interesting note.  The fourth container arrived around 10:00 and looked like this:

Upon opening the fourth container, we were greeted with this visual

Holy pipes!  With four sets of hands ready to work, we carried all of the piping, brewhouse platform, pieces of the platform, the grain auger and many miscellaneous items into the warehouse.

Once the loose pieces were moved, we found the grain hopper & hot liquor tank in the back of the container

Here's Chip guiding the hot liquor tank out of the container

After all the pipes were laid out and organized, we couldn't help but sing the Mario Bros tune when they go underground

Wrapped in foam so they wouldn't scratch, we attempted to organize all the piping

June 24, 2013

Equipment Delivery, Day 2

Bright and early at 7:30 am, we continued to unload the second container.  After removing the kettle last night, we were left with two shiny 50 bbl fermenters.  With 1.5 containers emptied and 3 of the largest tanks in place, the crew found a rhythm that made the rest of the day look easy.

The first two fermenters inside the container

The third container arrived at 9:30 with the mash tun and final two fermenters.  One of the widest tanks, the mash tun took a while to maneuver out of the truck, but looks beautiful sitting next to the kettle.

Slow and steady comes the mash tun

With three containers now empty, the majority of the brewing equipment is safe and sound inside the brewery.  All four fermenters are snuggled together, just waiting to be turned upright.  We were like proud parents admiring our new babies!

Like 4 peas in a pod, stainless steel never looked so good

June 21, 2013

Its Christmas Morning at Rinn Duin

After 6.5 months of waiting, the first of four deliveries arrived in Toms River at 9:30 this morning.  It's contents: the brite tank (where the beer carbonates), glycol tank, glycol condenser unit, clean-in-place tanks and a few mystery boxes.

The first truck arriving at the loading dock

The second truck was scheduled to arrive at 12:30 pm.  Fast forward to 5:30...the second truck pulled in.  Thanks to our contractors who stuck around to help, we couldn't have done it without you!  We weren't able to unload the entire container, but got the kettle (aka rice cooker) safely inside before dark.  There's two fermenters waiting patiently for Monday.

The first piece of the brewhouse is unloaded, hey there kettle!

June 19, 2013

The Brewhouse is on Its Way

For 10 days, our brewhouse and fermenters were held hostage by U.S. Customs.  This morning, we received a phone call that they've been released and free to go.  Woo hoooooo

The containers will be delivered to Toms River on Friday!!

The fermenter being loaded into the container

June 13, 2013

Pints & Growlers, check!

We've ordered pint glasses and growlers, should have them in about 2 weeks.  Now, all we need beer to fill them!  The Pub will be stocked with 72 growlers, prove us wrong that we should have ordered more.  Cheers!