June 9, 2012

NJ Assembly Panel Passes Bill A-1277

New Jersey is one step closer to allowing microbreweries to sell directly to the public.  Bill A-1277 has now passed both the Senate and Assembly panels and is ready to go on for a full vote.  This bill is a great step forward for the brewing industry in New Jersey, allowing both brewpubs and production breweries the ability to increase their business.  For Blackthorn Brewing, it would allow us to sell to the public directly from the brewery. When you come to the brewery for a tour you could buy a pint of your favorite and not be limited to the small samples that are allowed now.   And if you really love it you can leave with a case or two, having a party, you'll be able to come in and get a keg of beer.  Never before in New Jersey have you been able to get beer this fresh!