June 26, 2012

It's On To The Governor Now

Legislation has passed both the Assembly and Senate that would allow Blackthorn Brewing and all craft breweries in New Jersey to sell directly to the public!  If signed by the governor, guests coming in for tours will be able to enjoy a pint of the freshest beer they've ever had in New Jersey (other then brewpubs).  If you really like our brews, you'll be able to purchase as much as you'd like to take home, a 6-pack, a case or two, or even kegs.  Prior to this, you were limited to purchasing 2 6-packs after a tour, not anymore.

So, with this in mind, we're working with our architect, drawing up plans for our tap room that will overlook the brewery.  You'll be able to sit and relax after a tough tour of the brewery, look out thru the glass walls and enjoy a pint of Rinn Duin Irish Red Ale, or any of your favorite Blackthorn beers.  I can't wait!