February 9, 2012

Progress Update

The business plan is finished, again.  I think it's got to be the 25th revision, but it's done!(at least for now)  We've had the initial meeting with our attorney and he's putting new wrinkles into the plan. We're now looking into purchasing or building the brewery from scratch instead of leasing space!  This involves financing options that were never looked at before and a meeting with the SBA was held last week.  This could work.  SBA is reviewing our plan and current financials, they're going to get back to us shortly and we should go from there.  So, at this point we're looking at undeveloped land to build on, existing locations that could be modified for our needs and speaking to builders for cost estimates.  This has not been a journey that traveled in a straight line, we're at the point now that we take two steps forward and one step back, or sideways or somewhere, but certainly  not straight, but still in the right direction.
At the same time it's a little over a month to St. Patty's day and the stout is kegged, the Irish red ale will be brewed this weekend and more then a few friends have been asking when the party starts.