October 24, 2011

We've Been Busy!

So much has happened since my last post, I have so much to tell you!

We're Published!
The most exciting is that we got interviewed for an article on the "Beer-stained Letter", a blog about NJ beer!  Take a look under the Oct 11 post, about half way down in the "Jersey Spotlight".  You can't miss our logo!

A Visit with Carton
Towards the end of September, we visited newly opened Carton Brewing in Atlantic Highlands.  We spent a few hours with Jessee, their head brewer, learning about their brewhouse (the equipment used to brew commercial beer), kegging system and day-to-day activities in the brewery.  He is so knowledgeable about the brewing process and taught us so much!  Thanks Jessee : )

The Business Plan
Our business plan is 95% finished!  We're scheduling a meeting with our primary potential investor in the next week or so.  Hopefully we'll be able to give our presentation sometime in November, keep your fingers crossed for us!

A Work in Progress...
We're still trying to get the recipe right for Rinn Duin Red Ale, we're going to brew another test batch tomorrow.  Hopefully it comes out closer to the way we want!!