September 15, 2011

A Visit to Kane!

This morning we visited newly opened Kane Brewing in Ocean Twp!  They've got a 20 barrel system (620 gallons, in non-brewing terms) and about 6,000 sq ft, very similar to what we'd like to get.  We spent a few hours with Mike Kane and his brewer Clay, asking the zillion questions that all new brewers have.  Mike was able to refer us to a few breweries in New England that are also making English Ales...I think a road trip is in our future!  It was great to see their set-up and get a feel for what our brewery may look like.

Tonight I (Jacqui) will be attending TCNJ's Business School Alumni Night in Princeton, and I'm excited to spread the word about Blackthorn to my fellow alumni, professors and faculty.  Hopefully I'll run out of business cards and meet someone who has some brewing experience to help us out.

Thanks again to Mike and Clay for spending time with us this morning!  Check them out at